Q: I Can Get To The Heart Centre Though It Is Very Painful

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: "The insights you share are opening doors for me. But I still find myself running away so often. Dodging, avoiding, suppressing. But then I can also get from the 'attic' into the ‘heart centre’ at times, and that is often very painful. How do you balance the floodgates? How much pain can/should we let in? How do I stop running?" Personal agency, faith, trust, assumption, surrendering, breathing, trusting, ritual, devotion, bowing, offering, chanting, wisdom, compassion, selflessness, frozen heart, soften, contraction, caring, grief, learning to walk, dextrous, agile, trusting in true principles.

Q: How To Deal With Feelings Of Frustration and Discouragement?

(approx. 9 minutes) Keywords: "I find myself frustrated by the laziness of others". Two approaches, strategies, expectations, meeting experiences, Ajahn Chah, 70%-30%, 90%-10%, stories in our head, judging, questioning, resentment, feelings in our heart, surrendering, deep in-breath, the open-heated state, feel fully offended, agents of our suffering, compassionate heart, trusting, relationships, alone under a tree, settle the great matter, vectors of transformation, humility, abdication, modesty.