Q: Can Tension Be Used Creatively In Practice?

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q:"You often refer to tension. Can this be a creative, dynamic force, rather than misperceiving the natural tension inherent in life as a negative force. How can this energy be applied within daily life practice as a skilful means?" Affluence, weak, frustration, balance, happiness, wisdom, Dhammapada verse 290, carbon dust, diamonds, transmutation, pressure, two types of suffering, itchy wound, distraction, spiritual faculties, rightly aligned, head, heart, belly, congruent, resilience, strength, tolerating the intolerable, deepening.

Q: Can one contemplate anatta and provide for a family at the same time?

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How can one practice anatta whilst still providing and being responsible for a family without feeling conflicted. Tension, pressure, aspiration, identification, conditioned habits, balanced, holding pressure, purification, wisdom, compassion, samsara, constructive phenomenon, heart-energy, dynamo, selfless open-hearted awareness, subtle enquiry, philosophical argument, rainbow, an apparent reality, a dynamic, false assumption, holding creatively.

Q: What Precautions To take To Protect The Opening Heart?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "Are there any precautions of safeguards I should be taking as I sense the tenderness of my heart opening?" Becoming overly sensitive, parenting, karaniya metta sutta, normality, native sensitivity, naively vulnerable, hurt, the Buddha had pain, Vulture’s Peak, unawareness, 4 Noble Truths, falling in love, the capacity for being loving, discipline, righteous indignation, 2 extremes, Dhammacakkha sutta, middle way, embodied mindfulness, intentional composure, indriya samvara, projection, retreat, Bhajans, hymns, Jesus, Krishna, Kwan Yin, surfing, hang-gliding, wilderness, worshipping, idolizing, fundamentalism, sad, rational faculties, tension, rightly aligned, head, heart, belly, 25 questions.

10 Minute 'Aligning' Meditation

(approx. 10 minutes) This brief, non-traditional exercise of disciplined attention aims at helping meditators return to a state of embodied balance and alignment. It should always be applied with gentleness and care