ACCUMULATING BLESSING: full moon - 22nd May, 2024

Blessed is the arising of a Buddha;
blessed is the revealing of the Dhamma;
blessed is the concord of the Sangha;
delightful is harmonious communion.”


There is a strong emphasis in our Buddhist teachings on suffering. It’s important we balance this with an appreciation of the encouragement to build up a storehouse of wholesomeness. According to the Commentaries, this Dhammapada verse was spoken by the Buddha on an occasion when he walked in on a group of monks discussing what happiness is. He highlighted what he saw as reliable happiness. On many occasions he taught about the skilful cultivation of happiness. When we are called upon to deal with life’s difficulties, it matters that we have reserves to draw upon. It is wise to not wait until we are feeling overly challenged.

Q: As Lay People How Do We Learn To Let Go?

(approx. 14 minutes) Keywords: Right emphasis, casual culture, clinging, consequences, confidence, true principles, faith in Dhamma, Mahamangala Sutta, 3-4-5 framing, 3 Refuges, Buddha, Dhamma Sangha, 3 marks of existence, impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, not-self, chaos, order, apparent self, rainbow, 4 divine abidings, conscious caring, compassion, empathy, equanimity, storehouse of wholesomeness, 4 Noble Truths, 5 Precepts, integrity, safety, foundation, lotus, 5 spiritual faculties, potentials, cultivation.