Q: There Is A Great Storm Raging In My Mind And In My Heart_PART_02

(approx. 14 minutes) KEYWORDS: More on meeting pain, suffering, 3 types of suffering, simple dukkha, challenging dukkha, complex dukkha, denied pain, backlog, energy, flare up, distorted, exaggerated, appear to much, patient, ultimate transformer, our own heart energy, skill, exercise, talking, help.

Q: Observing Impermanence Produces Fear In Me. How Do I Skilfully Work With This?

(approx. 15 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I can see impermanence in my daily life. This creates a lot of fear instead of ease. How do I work with this in a skilful manner?" Fear, running away, surprise, secure, uninspected relationship with life, Buddhism, consoling message, stories, insurance policies, distractions, avoidance, mental, emotional, physical, relational, preparing ourselves, solitude, 3-4-5 framing, storehouse of goodness, untangling the knot of deluded selfhood, 4 Brahman Viharas, exercise, refreshing, walking, swimming, kalyanamitta, spiritual companionship, joining groups, opening gradually, fully feeling uncertainty, overwhelmed, speaking truth, naïve, wild swimming, serious challenge.

Q: What Is Open-Hearted Awareness And How To Nurture It?

(approx. 13 minutes) Keywords: Open window, unobstructed, absence, heart contraction, numb, skill, traditional formula, presence, tension, softening, interest, motivation, nature, retreat, metta bhavana, karaniya metta sutta, giggling, greedy, entitled, fear of loss, Ajahn Dukkha, learning a language, vague, fortitude, willing to feel uncomfortable, contentment, nothing special, normality, empathy.