Q: How To Stay On Track When Others Are Being Obstructive?

(approx. 9 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q:"It can be to difficult to be around various types of individuals and at the same time be developing the brahmaviharas. How do we stay on track and generate a supportive environment for practice. This often creates conflict in my mind." Don’t be afraid of feeling pressure, frustration, heart energy, welcome, potential, raw expression, dilemma, purification, ‘my way’, virtuous struggle, affluence, entitlement, comfort, weak, anjali, balance, intensity, Dhammapada 239, goldsmith, dross, complaining, good fortune, apocryphal, Venerable Ananda, older people, grumpy, may this fire burn away habits of heedless resistance, may this pressure purify my heart.

Q: Can one contemplate anatta and provide for a family at the same time?

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How can one practice anatta whilst still providing and being responsible for a family without feeling conflicted. Tension, pressure, aspiration, identification, conditioned habits, balanced, holding pressure, purification, wisdom, compassion, samsara, constructive phenomenon, heart-energy, dynamo, selfless open-hearted awareness, subtle enquiry, philosophical argument, rainbow, an apparent reality, a dynamic, false assumption, holding creatively.