Q: Would Pursuing Monkhood Help Me Get Over The Suffering Of A Relationship Issue?

(approx. 5 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I had a relationship issue with a partner and got depressed. As a result I was hospitalised. I now want to give up everything and become a monk. Should I pursue monkhood or not?" Inadequacy, abandoned, let down, indulging, The Discourse On The Turning Of The Wheel Of The Law, denial, middle way, embodied mindfulness, suffering not an obligation, Ven. Sariputta died, loss, a degree of competence, adequacy, make a decision.

Q: Weird Sensations In Vipassana Practice

(approx. 15 minutes) Keywords: “I am having physical issues like dizziness, mind not working …” Purification, violent movements, medical, Burmese techniques, traditional Theravada understanding, vipassana, samadhi, relationship with desire, craving, fire, upadana, view, knowing the movement, Ten Parami, Ten Vectors Of Transformation, generosity, integrity, safety, nekkhamma, saying no practice, heedlessness, exercising agency, indulgence and denial and the middle way, determination, inner confidence, spiritual muscle, patience, soft powers, humility, modesty, forbearance, truthfulness, the casual culture, self distrust, energy, intensity, fear, joy, conscious caring, discernment, Ajahn Thate, reflective intelligence, asking the right questions, what really matters, equanimity, taking personal responsibility, not projecting, sitting with eyes open.

Q: When We Chant, 'May All Beings Be Happy', Does That Mean The Only Good Is Happiness?

(approx. 7 minutes) Keywords: Motivation, formal contemplations, Four Brahma Vihara: metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha, obstructions, denial, indulgence, middle way, Acrobat sutta, selfishness, expanding open-hearted awareness, benefit, conflict, anger, relevance, competence.