Q: How To Deal With Feeling Misunderstood?

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: Can you speak about jealousy and how I can practice to combat the envy others have in my practice? Sometimes, friends can be critical and speak in a way that is judgemental and disparaging towards me. I feel misunderstood. How can I deal with this?” Self-centred, generosity, truthfulness, integrity, sila, lotus flower, compromising, Venerable Ananda, freedom from remorse, safety, psychologist, GP, sugar metabolism, highest virtue, wisdom, nekkhamma parami, ability to say no, smartphone, adhitthana parami, determination, resolution, lokapala, protectors of the world, hiri and ottappa, wholesome sense of shame, balance, Sila, anger, attention, light, energy, dissolve, denial, restraint, 5 precepts, heedlessness, will, Ajahn Dukkha, conflation, peaceful, child, agile, guided meditation, gentle, sensitive, mental exercise, Satipatthana sutta, counting the breath, strength, weakness.

Q: A Contemplative Perspective On Compulsive Stress Eating

(approx. 15 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: “I know from past experiences that increased food intake never genuinely makes me feel better. Might you have any advice? Evolutionary biologists, psychologists, demonize desire, wanting, craving, wholesome desires, enemy, smoking, breaking the habit, basic skills, 5 spiritual faculties, faith, kamma, energy, intensity, embodied mindfulness, discipline attention, discernment, indriya samvara, skilful composure, containing, respecting intensity, hiri and ottappa, conscience, lokapala, protectors of the world, skilful shame and fear of the consequences of shamelessness, guilt, progress, unruly heart energy, competent, ill-will, truly responsible.