Q: There Is A Great Storm Raging In My Mind And In My Heart_PART_01

(approx. 14 minutes) KEYWORDS: "There is a great storm raging in my mind and in my heart. Feelings of pain, anger, righteous indignation, frustration, futility and despair over the Israel/Palestine situation. I think the main cause of agitation is wanting to help, whilst recognising our capacity to influence things is minimal. Surely, if we know suffering is happening, if we believe injustice is being committed, don't we have an obligation to do what we can to work for freedom from suffering? I have heard Dhamma teachings about the importance of inner work and would appreciate any thoughts you can offer on this painful topic." Heart-felt pain, bigger picture perspective, dispassionate, cold-hearted, getting lost, striking a balance, sadness, fear, anger, rage, faith, Dhammapada verse 197, verse 198, solutions, Four Brahman Viharas, empathy, equanimity, kindness, compassion, joy, compassion fatigue, stability, cultivation, conceptual, kamma, vortex, deep in-breath, embodied mindfulness, intensity, zoom out further, question identity, emotional activity, awareness, the knowing and the known, grounded, anatta, an invitation to enquire.