Q: How Do We Honour Both Our Spiritual Aspirations And Our Limitations?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How do we push ourselves to higher standards in practice while at the same time, remaining compassionate towards ourselves with regards to our current spiritual limitations?" Overly idealistic, holding too tightly, goals, bearings, force, assertive, balance, goal-oriented, becoming enlightened, Newcastle-Edinburgh, humility, modesty, truthfully, loneliness, denied pain, greed, hatred, burning through, old debt, patience, contentment.

Q: Why The Buddha Was Beyond Being Triggered

(approx. 10 minutes) Keywords: “In my meditation practice I often have a feeling of intense tightness, as if internally everything is held so tightly.” Liking, disliking, recap, dismissed, abused, disrespected, accumulated denied dukkha, wholesome accumulations, kammic obstructions, heedless habits of clinging, wholesome aspirations, repulsion, hatred, suicide, fear, terror, skilful holding, idealistic, 10 parami, back wind, compulsive judging, taking sides, discriminate intelligence, unitive intelligence, humility, ‘no judging the judging mind’, softening, allowing, accommodating, 3 approaches, cutting through, seeing through, burning through, vortex, going for refuge, trust in wholesome aspirations.