Q: How Do We Honour Both Our Spiritual Aspirations And Our Limitations?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How do we push ourselves to higher standards in practice while at the same time, remaining compassionate towards ourselves with regards to our current spiritual limitations?" Overly idealistic, holding too tightly, goals, bearings, force, assertive, balance, goal-oriented, becoming enlightened, Newcastle-Edinburgh, humility, modesty, truthfully, loneliness, denied pain, greed, hatred, burning through, old debt, patience, contentment.

CONTRIBUTING COMPASSION: full moon - 27th December, 2023

"Disciples of the Buddha
are fully awake
both day and night
taking delight in compassion.


When we watch the news and witness all the sadness, we easily feel inadequate in our wish to help. If we are not careful we become lost in despair. To limit how much news we watch is sensible, but to stop altogether so as to avoid feeling inadequate, would be a pity. Because we don’t have the power to stop people from following greed, hatred and delusion, does not mean we have nothing to give. It might seem that way to followers of the religion of materialism, but for those cultivating the heart of awareness – cittabhavana – compassion can be our contribution. Don’t underestimate the power of a heart that can stay open in the midst of suffering. It is when the heart closes, and sensitivity is obstructed, that intelligence is compromised.