Q: Could The Mind Actually Become Our Friend?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "Could the mind actually become our friend? At what point should we say....’enough, leave it be. Enough work has been done'?" There must come a point when we no longer need to keep looking back for the clearance of Dukkha.” Doubt, old pain, Ajahn Chah, friends, liking, trusting, honesty, stories, patient endurance, bhava tanha, obstruction, abstraction, balanced practice, allowing practice to happen, ‘doing the practice’, bowing, rituals, going for refuge, selflessness, ‘my way’, recovering, Aligning Meditation, disembodied, the unknown, limited disposition, open-hearted, befriending.

Q: "Can You Recommend Ways Of Letting Go Of Painful Rejections?"

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "I have been ghosted by two close friends. They disappeared, without explanation. I emailed each 3 times requesting an open discussion and neither replied. In meditation, I offer and ask for forgiveness. Can you recommend additional ways to help let go of these painful rejections?" Commitment, framing, learn, lost, samsara, uninspected relationship with pain, Ajahn Chah, comfort, convenience, denied dukkha, meeting dukkha with interest, endurance, vector for transformation, 10 parami, framing, noble ordeal, 5 spiritual faculties, overwhelmed, stories, strategies, awakening, Ajahn Dukkha.