Q: Could The Mind Actually Become Our Friend?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "Could the mind actually become our friend? At what point should we say....’enough, leave it be. Enough work has been done'?" There must come a point when we no longer need to keep looking back for the clearance of Dukkha.” Doubt, old pain, Ajahn Chah, friends, liking, trusting, honesty, stories, patient endurance, bhava tanha, obstruction, abstraction, balanced practice, allowing practice to happen, ‘doing the practice’, bowing, rituals, going for refuge, selflessness, ‘my way’, recovering, Aligning Meditation, disembodied, the unknown, limited disposition, open-hearted, befriending.

Q: What Is The Right Amount Of Sleep?

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: Esteemed Thai forest tradition teachers, teenagers, projecting authority, compulsive comparing, aphorism at Wat Pah Pong, ‘eat little, speak little, sleep little’, eat more, know the right amount, superior samadhi, parents, stories, speaking, seen and heard, primary carers, adequate emotional nourishment, listening, doubt, uncertainty, Dhammapada verse 160, being your own refuge, theistic religions.