Q: Is The Open-Hearted State Our Home, Our Refuge?

(approx. 10 minutes) Keywords: Approximations, false security, the sun, the light, the warmth, children, undefended, unobstructed, normality, informed with right view, spiritual faculties, denied dukkha, ill-prepared, pretending, attic, centre of the chest, feeling obstructed, frozen fingers, heart attack, kindly receptivity, heart energy, Ajahn Dukkha, shaking hands, conversation with our hearts, letting go, integration.

Q: Why Do I Cry So Easily?

(approx. 12 minutes) Keywords: Open-hearted awareness, curious, vitality, children, sensitivity, backlog or denied life, balance, hypersensitive, aligning meditation, head, heart, belly, challenges, feeling inadequate, vulnerable, fear of overwhelm, heightened sensitivity, war, pathos, denied dukkha backlog, reading Braille.