Q: Ways Of Increasing Chances Of A Good Rebirth?

(approx. 9 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I would like to ask for your thoughts on what one can do to increase the chances of a good rebirth, beyond keeping good sila and a formal meditation practice. I would consider a “good” rebirth to be one in which I would be exposed to the Dhamma at an early age and in which I would be able to practice the Dhamma to the best of my abilities. I would also be interested to know if you would have any specific advice concerning rebirth for someone approaching death due to illness or old age, and at the moment of the body dying."

Q: Please Would You Explain What Is Meant By Being Born And Dying Moment By Moment

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I have heard according to Theravada Buddhist teachings we are born and die at every moment, and we do this continuously, not only after our final breath. Could you please explain what this means?” Dependent Origination, kamma, rebirth, willing, daring, enquiring, 5 spiritual faculties, rainbow, burdensome, quandary, careful manner, self-adoration, vulgar, self-promotion, cooperation, harmony, self-obsessed, religion, Almighty, abominably, perpetual anxiety, community of selves, atta, anatta, society, morphing.

Q: Reflecting On Death_PART_01

(approx. 7 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How to really practice with the reality of our own mortality and that of others?” Going for refuge to Dhamma, refuge to reality, reality of death, cultivation, life affirming, road-kill, truly meet our reaction, aspiration, unobstructed, avoidance, collective denial, normalised, cryonics, funerals, imbibing poison, alcohol, blood-brain barrier, honesty, compulsive judging.