Q: "What Advice Would You Give To The Young Tan Munindo?"

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: "What advice would you give to the young Tan Munindo if you could go back in time? Hurry, enthusiasm, contentment, compulsive judging, tardy, embodied, conceptual intelligence, emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, Number One, comparing, hero, effort, gratitude, projection, goals, bowing, mirror, teachers, disappointment, dukkha is data, ‘pay attention here’, rewiring perception, indictment.

Q: Can You Recommend Methods For Dealing With Sensual Desires?

(approx. 14 minutes) KEYWORDS:Can you recommend methods that we can apply in daily life to deal with sensual desires, other than (/to complement) asubha practice (non-beautiful aspect of the body) during formal meditation?” Cultivating wholesomeness, consequences, motivation, cravings, leper, kama-tanha, bhava-tanha, vibhava-tanha, simply happy, obesity, contentment, airport, drug addicts, gratification, dissatisfaction, stories, meditation retreat, inadequacy, advertising, cheesecake, reintegrated, compulsively judging, taking sides, selfless just-knowing awareness, Buddha, investigation.

Q: What Is Meant By ‘Fully Acknowledging’, Without Identifying?

(approx. 12 minutes) Keywords: Different approaches, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, zeal, desperate, imbalanced, disconnect, competence, full feeling awareness, contentment, guided ‘aligning’ meditation, retreats, generosity, integrity, saying-no practice, increased pressure, cittabhavana, fire, basement, noting, super control freaks, trusting.