Q: Reflecting On Death_PART_02

(approx. 7 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How to really practice with the reality of our own mortality and that of others?” Sensitivity, discretion, making death ‘wrong’, failure, early in life, 3 types of dukkha: separation from the liked, association with the disliked, not getting what we want, being with someone dying, feeling uncertain, shocked, bubble burst, loss of loved ones, denied pain, Ajahn Chah, Elizabeth Kular-Ross, conscious dying, compassion.

10 Minute 'Aligning' Meditation

(approx. 10 minutes) This brief, non-traditional exercise of disciplined attention aims at helping meditators return to a state of embodied balance and alignment. It should always be applied with gentleness and care

Q: How To Deal With Feelings Of Frustration and Discouragement?

(approx. 9 minutes) Keywords: "I find myself frustrated by the laziness of others". Two approaches, strategies, expectations, meeting experiences, Ajahn Chah, 70%-30%, 90%-10%, stories in our head, judging, questioning, resentment, feelings in our heart, surrendering, deep in-breath, the open-heated state, feel fully offended, agents of our suffering, compassionate heart, trusting, relationships, alone under a tree, settle the great matter, vectors of transformation, humility, abdication, modesty.

Q: How To Handle My Ego Feeding On Suffering?

(approx. 15 mins) Keywords: Misperceptions, ego, personality, self, atta, indictment, Five Spiritual Faculties, skilful means, dukkha, spiritual toolkit, limited being, fire, clinging, resistance, identity, selfless wisdom and compassion, selfless just-knowing awareness, Buddho, ‘the one who knows’, anatta, enquiring, ‘who’, rewire our brains, processing data, compassion.