Q: Can You Recommend Methods For Dealing With Sensual Desires?

(approx. 14 minutes) KEYWORDS:Can you recommend methods that we can apply in daily life to deal with sensual desires, other than (/to complement) asubha practice (non-beautiful aspect of the body) during formal meditation?” Cultivating wholesomeness, consequences, motivation, cravings, leper, kama-tanha, bhava-tanha, vibhava-tanha, simply happy, obesity, contentment, airport, drug addicts, gratification, dissatisfaction, stories, meditation retreat, inadequacy, advertising, cheesecake, reintegrated, compulsively judging, taking sides, selfless just-knowing awareness, Buddha, investigation.

Q: Handling The Inner Fundamentalist

(approx. 11 minutes) Keywords: "I have a question about something distracting that happens when I meditate." Developing, befriending all beings, our inner community, confident, abusive, obsessive thoughts, the thinking mind, less affluence, embodied, sad, addiction, smartphone, cheesecake, disconnected, feelings, intuition, ‘aligning’ meditation, heart, belly, agility, office, living room, basement, storing, body scanning, jogging, swimming, The Sound Of Silence, Ajahn Chah, ‘don’t make anything out of anything’.