Q: Can Tension Be Used Creatively In Practice?

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q:"You often refer to tension. Can this be a creative, dynamic force, rather than misperceiving the natural tension inherent in life as a negative force. How can this energy be applied within daily life practice as a skilful means?" Affluence, weak, frustration, balance, happiness, wisdom, Dhammapada verse 290, carbon dust, diamonds, transmutation, pressure, two types of suffering, itchy wound, distraction, spiritual faculties, rightly aligned, head, heart, belly, congruent, resilience, strength, tolerating the intolerable, deepening.

Q: I Can Get To The Heart Centre Though It Is Very Painful

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: "The insights you share are opening doors for me. But I still find myself running away so often. Dodging, avoiding, suppressing. But then I can also get from the 'attic' into the ‘heart centre’ at times, and that is often very painful. How do you balance the floodgates? How much pain can/should we let in? How do I stop running?" Personal agency, faith, trust, assumption, surrendering, breathing, trusting, ritual, devotion, bowing, offering, chanting, wisdom, compassion, selflessness, frozen heart, soften, contraction, caring, grief, learning to walk, dextrous, agile, trusting in true principles.

Q: How Do We Honour Both Our Spiritual Aspirations And Our Limitations?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How do we push ourselves to higher standards in practice while at the same time, remaining compassionate towards ourselves with regards to our current spiritual limitations?" Overly idealistic, holding too tightly, goals, bearings, force, assertive, balance, goal-oriented, becoming enlightened, Newcastle-Edinburgh, humility, modesty, truthfully, loneliness, denied pain, greed, hatred, burning through, old debt, patience, contentment.

Q: When Is It Appropriate To Give Others Feedback On Their Behaviour?

(approx. 14 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: “Compulsive judging disorder: when is it appropriate to give others feedback on their behaviour?” Not an obligation, causes, education, meditation, laced, formal practice, contemplating judgment-free awareness, should, ‘no judging the judging mind’, discriminative intelligence, consciously not-knowing, competence, don’t know when you will die, wisdom, fear of death, obstruction, truthfulness, inner, privacy, discretion, trusting and striving, balance, aspiration, progress, answering the question.

5 Minute 'Aligning' Meditation

(approx. 5 minutes) This brief, non-traditional exercise of disciplined attention aims at helping meditators return to a state of embodied balance and alignment. It should always be applied with gentleness and care.