Q: How To Deal With Feelings Of Frustration and Discouragement?

(approx. 9 minutes) Keywords: "I find myself frustrated by the laziness of others". Two approaches, strategies, expectations, meeting experiences, Ajahn Chah, 70%-30%, 90%-10%, stories in our head, judging, questioning, resentment, feelings in our heart, surrendering, deep in-breath, the open-heated state, feel fully offended, agents of our suffering, compassionate heart, trusting, relationships, alone under a tree, settle the great matter, vectors of transformation, humility, abdication, modesty.

Q: What Is Your Life’s Work?

(approx. 7 minutes) Keywords: Initial aspirations, inspiration, enlightenment, servant of the Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, disposition of a servant, Morning Chanting, Amaravati, responsibility, belly awareness, heart awareness, head awareness, fantasies, actuality, openness, capacity, aliveness, contraction, sound of silence.