Q: Is Being Ordained In Your 50’s Or 60’s An Option?

(approx. 7 minutes) KEYWORDS: "What advice would you have for someone who feels drawn towards ordination later in life, say in their 50s and 60s?" Pedantic, honour the aspiration, practicalities, apprenticeship, old age, sickness, culture changes, hierarchy, 8 precepts, adjustments, kammic accumulations, supportive conditions, feeling safe, open, vulnerable, teachings style, don’t give up, ask three times, accepting.

Q: Can one contemplate anatta and provide for a family at the same time?

(approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How can one practice anatta whilst still providing and being responsible for a family without feeling conflicted. Tension, pressure, aspiration, identification, conditioned habits, balanced, holding pressure, purification, wisdom, compassion, samsara, constructive phenomenon, heart-energy, dynamo, selfless open-hearted awareness, subtle enquiry, philosophical argument, rainbow, an apparent reality, a dynamic, false assumption, holding creatively.

Q: Can You Expand On, ‘Imbalance Can Also Be Beautiful’?

(approx. 7 minutes) KEYWORDS: “I have been reading this verse recently and wondered if you can expand a bit on, ‘imbalance also being beautiful’, and if you can offer any examples.” Dhammapada verse 194, Ikebana, Buddhist Society Summer School, forms, space, spirit, forest monastery, beautiful aspiration, sincere interest, relevant questions, patience, emotionally illiterate, intuitively blind, commitment, modesty, humility, soft powers, subtle beauty, materialism.