Q: Learning How To Learn From Everything_PART_02

(approx. 10 minutes) KEYWORDS: “It seems like most of us view dukkha as a personal attribute (my dukkha) when in fact the Teachings talk about dukkha as something that just exists (like light). Would you please say something about this.” Initial response, conceptual speculation, 3 characteristics, lakkhana, anicca, dukkha, anatta, not-self, reflecting, clear seeing, pariyatti, untangle the knot of deluded self, Advaita vedanta, Dzongchen, a way of viewing experience, painful memories, letting go, bhavana, cultivation, resentment, forgiveness, contracting awareness, release, previous generations, ‘if only’, imbalance.

Q: What Helpful Daily Reflections And Practices Have You Learnt?

(approx. 12 minutes) Keywords: "What daily reflections/practices did you find helpful as a junior monk?" Devotional practices, early life conditioning, joy, faith and beliefs, enquiring, poetry, prose, commitment, Mahamangala Sutta, ‘rightly aligned’, deepening, traditions, source code, right view, true principles, mentally, emotionally, physically, responsibility, foundations, highest level, Four Noble Truths, insight, imperturbability, goal, self and not-self, atta, anatta, rainbow, multidimensional awareness, ocean, evolving, morning, reciting Pali, dedication of punnya, unapologetic, greed hatred and delusion, not reasonable.

Q: How To Handle My Ego Feeding On Suffering?

(approx. 15 mins) Keywords: Misperceptions, ego, personality, self, atta, indictment, Five Spiritual Faculties, skilful means, dukkha, spiritual toolkit, limited being, fire, clinging, resistance, identity, selfless wisdom and compassion, selfless just-knowing awareness, Buddho, ‘the one who knows’, anatta, enquiring, ‘who’, rewire our brains, processing data, compassion.