INHERENTLY SECURE: full moon - 21st June, 2024

When those who are wise
dwell in contemplation
on the transient nature
of the body-mind,
and of all conditioned existence,
they experience joy and delight
seeing through to the inherently secure.”


This verse describes how seeing into the changing nature of things can cause joy to arise. Why then is it that for some of us when we encounter change we feel threatened? One reason might be because we have been holding to something too tightly. It is helpful to consider that feeling threatened is not necessarily a sign of something going wrong. If it is, then obviously we should take appropriate action. However, it could also be something is going right. It could be a sign pointing to where, when and how we are clinging. Since it is in the nature of things to be constantly changing, when we hold to them tightly, we generate stress. If we are interested in awakening to the ‘inherently secure’, then instead of seeing feelings of being threatened as an enemy, perhaps we can see them as an ally.