Q: “How Do I Forgive And Move Ahead On A Cheating Partner?”

(approx. 9 minutes) KEYWORDS: “How Do I Forgive And Move Ahead On A Cheating Partner. How do I look beyond?” Betrayed, growing up, habits of denied pain, neglect, poor parenting, energy reintegrated, acknowledging trying to get passed suffering, welcome Ajahn Dukkha, expanding awareness, relativise the pain, eternal hell, patience, death, forgiveness.

Q: Would Pursuing Monkhood Help Me Get Over The Suffering Of A Relationship Issue?

(approx. 5 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I had a relationship issue with a partner and got depressed. As a result I was hospitalised. I now want to give up everything and become a monk. Should I pursue monkhood or not?" Inadequacy, abandoned, let down, indulging, The Discourse On The Turning Of The Wheel Of The Law, denial, middle way, embodied mindfulness, suffering not an obligation, Ven. Sariputta died, loss, a degree of competence, adequacy, make a decision.