Q: Observing Impermanence Produces Fear In Me. How Do I Skilfully Work With This?

(approx. 15 minutes) KEYWORDS: Q: "I can see impermanence in my daily life. This creates a lot of fear instead of ease. How do I work with this in a skilful manner?" Fear, running away, surprise, secure, uninspected relationship with life, Buddhism, consoling message, stories, insurance policies, distractions, avoidance, mental, emotional, physical, relational, preparing ourselves, solitude, 3-4-5 framing, storehouse of goodness, untangling the knot of deluded selfhood, 4 Brahman Viharas, exercise, refreshing, walking, swimming, kalyanamitta, spiritual companionship, joining groups, opening gradually, fully feeling uncertainty, overwhelmed, speaking truth, naïve, wild swimming, serious challenge.