Q: Learning How To Learn From Everything_PART_01

(approx. 13 minutes) KEYWORDS: "It seems like most of us view dukkha as a personal attribute (my dukkha) when in fact the Teachings talk about dukkha as something that just exists (like light). Would you please say something about this.” Characteristic, 4 Noble Truths, Pain Studies, common parlance, message, disenchanted, path of purification, strategies for avoidance, affluence, numbing, obstructed, not knowing two things, retraining attention, Attention Training, currency, decoding, adept, feeling investigation, sensing, dark room, thought, clinging, complex, upgrade, emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, ‘Aligning Meditation, joy, sorrow, mild and intense dukkha, competence, agility, technique, 3 right efforts, rabies, assertive, 1000×1000 men in battle, yielding, sacrifice, deepening.