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If you wish to submit a question about your Buddhist practice you are welcome to forward it to Please be brief and succinct; preferably two or three sentences. 

Kindly keep your enquiries to the practice of the teachings and not conceptual speculation. Responses are in audio format and last less than 15 minutes. Note, not all questions are guaranteed to receive a response.

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July 5, 2024
Q: Could The Mind Actually Become Our Friend?

New Moon, Friday, 5th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "Could the mind actually become our friend? At what point should we say....’enough, leave it be. Enough work has been done'?" There must come a point when we no longer need to keep looking back for the clearance of Dukkha.”...

June 21, 2024
Q: How Do Buddhists And Non-Buddhists Handle Anxiety?

Full Moon, Friday, 21st June, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: Anxiety, counsellor, practitioner, emotions, fear, heart contraction, desire, greed, disciplined attention, intentional composure...

June 21, 2024
Q: Dealing With The Disagreeable Side Effects Of Cancer Drugs

Full Moon, Friday, 21st June, 2024. (approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: Cancer, dopamine, serotonin, brain, motivation, depression, anxiety, fatigue, memory, meditation techniques, disappointment...

June 6, 2024
Q: Can Tension Be Used Creatively In Practice?

New Moon, Thursday, 6th June May, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "You often refer to tension. Can this be a creative, dynamic force, rather than misperceiving the natural tension inherent in life as a negative force. How can this energy be applied within daily life practice as a skilful means?" Affluence, weak, frustration...

June 6, 2024
Q: Ways Of Increasing Chances Of A Good Rebirth?

New Moon, Thursday, 6th June May, 2024. (approx. 9 minutes) KEYWORDS: ...what can one do to increase the chances of a good rebirth, beyond keeping good sila and a formal meditation practice. I would consider a “good” rebirth to be one in which I would be exposed to the Dhamma at an early age...



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