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If you wish to submit a question about your Buddhist practice you are welcome to forward it to Please be brief and succinct; preferably two or three sentences. 

Kindly keep your enquiries to the practice of the teachings and not conceptual speculation. Responses are in audio format and last less than 15 minutes. Note, not all questions are guaranteed to receive a response.


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New Moon Day, Monday, 8th April 2024

Full Moon Day, Monday, 23rd April 2024
March 24, 2024
Q: Though I Am Practising Hard, I Seem To Be Going Backwards

(approx. 10 minutes) Full Moon, Sunday, 24th March, 2024. I have intensified my practice over the last year and a half. During this time my sila has gone backwards: Why is this the case? Sila, anger, attention, light, energy, dissolve, denial...

March 24, 2024
Q: Observing Impermanence Produces Fear In Me. How Do I Skilfully Work With This?

(approx. 15 minutes) Full Moon, Sunday, 24th March, 2024. "I can see impermanence in my daily life. This creates a lot of fear instead of ease. How do I work with this in a skilful manner?" Fear, running away, surprise, secure, uninspected relationship with life...

March 24, 2024
Q: Can You Recommend Methods For Dealing With Sensual Desires?

(approx. 14 minutes) Full Moon, Sunday, 24th March, 2024. “Can you recommend methods that we can apply in daily life to deal with sensual desires, other than (/to complement) asubha practice (non-beautiful aspect of the body) during formal meditation?” Consequences, motivation, leper, simply happy, obesity ...

March 24, 2024
Q: How Might Those With A Scientific Background Relate To Teachings On Rebirth?

(approx. 11 minutes) Full Moon, Sunday, 24th March, 2024. "For those of us with a Western scientific back ground, some of the more metaphysical teachings of the Buddha's teachings such as rebirth are hard to make sense of. And even from the perspective of the teaching on Anatta, rebirth is hard to make sense of! Please could you give advice on how to relate to those parts of the teachings that seem to require belief in things we cannot know for ourselves and also the parts of the teachings that we plain just don’t understand.”...

March 9, 2024
Q: How To Deal With Feeling Misunderstood?

(approx. 15 minutes) New Moon, Saturday, 9th March, 2024. “Can you speak about jealousy and how I can practice to combat the envy others have in my practice? Sometimes, friends can be critical and speak in a way that is judgemental and disparaging towards me. I feel misunderstood. How can I deal with this?” Self-centred, generosity, truthfulness...



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