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If you wish to submit a question about your Buddhist practice you are welcome to forward it to Please be brief and succinct; preferably two or three sentences. 

Kindly keep your enquiries to the practice of the teachings and not conceptual speculation. Responses are in audio format and last less than 15 minutes. Note, not all questions are guaranteed to receive a response.

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Full Moon, Saturday 20th July 2024

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July 20, 2024
Q: How To Move On From Relationships?

Full Moon, Saturday, 20th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How to skilfully move on from friendships that are no longer fulfilling? I’ve had a recurrent pattern in my life where I have put all of my heart into specific friendships to the point of overlooking my own needs for the sake of getting along well. However, as my values and interests changed over the years, I would have difficulties expressing how things had changed for me yet feel as if it were my duty to maintain these friendships. Eventually, I would feel drained and, to my own disappointment, suddenly distance myself from them, especially if I had the impression that my efforts were being taken for granted."...

July 20, 2024
Q: Developing A Truly Heartfelt Buddhist Form Of Devotion

Full Moon, Saturday, 20th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: ""Please can you talk a little about the way to develop a truly heartfelt, but genuinely Buddhist devotion, and how to relate to the Buddha in one's heart?" Personal reflections, emotions, commitment, loyalty, aliveness,...

July 20, 2024
Q: Dealing With The Endlessly Critical Voice In My Head

Full Moon, Saturday, 20th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "I have been keeping up the suggested '15 minutes of non-judgmental awareness practice' and am disconcerted to find an apparently endlessly critical voice in my head. I see where it comes from and how strong it is on sin and guilt, and how weak it is on forgiveness. I understand all too clearly what you mean by unacknowledged dukkha. How to proceed? If you have any more good advice, I will be glad to hear it." ...

July 5, 2024
Q: How To Practice With A Conceited Sense Of Superiority?

New Moon, Friday, 5th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How to properly understand the Buddha's teachings on not being better, equal or worse than others? I’m especially interested in how to deal with the feelings of being superior to those who do not search for anything deeper in life, who merely pursue immediate gratification of casual desires.”...

July 5, 2024
Q: How Important Is Physical Activity And Fitness In Practice?

New Moon, Friday, 5th July, 2024. (approx. 11 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How important is physical activity and fitness to the practice of Buddhism?” Ajahn Chah, practising in the city or the forest, healthy or sick, inner exploration, talking dhamma, sincerity, humility, modesty, Lyme's disease ...

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