Q: How To Practice With A Conceited Sense Of Superiority?

(approx. 12 minutes) KEYWORDS: "How to properly understand the Buddha's teachings on not being better, equal or worse than others? I’m especially interested in how to deal with the feelings of being superior to those who do not search for anything deeper in life, who merely pursue immediate gratification of casual desires.” Ajahn Chah, Abhidhamma, Thai expression, ditthi mana, perceptions, up to scratch, balanced sensitivity, afraid of fear, hating aversion, spiritual toolkit, integrity, embodied mindfulness, intentional composure (indriyasamvara), wise reflection, compassion, challenging, enquiry, daring, judging, fear, overwhelmed, anger, indulging, denying, in-breath, expanding, temporary happiness, wellness retreat, selfless happiness, pressure.


"Contentment is not the goal, contentment is the way"