PRAISE and BLAME: full moon - 24th March, 2024

"There never was,
nor will there be,
nor is there now,
anyone who is only blamed
or wholly praised


Apparent reality is one thing; actuality is something else. On the apparent level, receiving praise is good and receiving blame is bad. From a practice perspective, both are useful. If, when we are praised, we become inflated with self-importance, we suffer. We might not notice it at the time, but we will later on. Perhaps we will have to wait until we are blamed and become deflated and experience that sort of suffering. It is useful to learn to see that it is not the praise or the blame that causes our suffering, it is the way we meet them. Are we still identifying as the activity taking place in our hearts and minds, or are we remembering our refuge in the Buddha, in just-knowing awareness?


"Contentment is not the goal, contentment is the way"